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F.A.Q: Frequently Asked Questions
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General Order Questions

We can handle your entire custom reusable bag order, from design to manufacture and delivery.  Please refer to our services page for more information.

Our friendly sales team is here to make the process easy. Please contact us to discuss your options and you will provided with a FREE no-obligation quote and complimentary mock-up.

The minumum order quantity for our reusable bags depends on material, features and artwork you specify. In general, orders start at 1,000 bags but, in certain circumstances, we can do smaller runs. Please contact us for more details.

After you make initial contact via email or phone, we discuss your project in broad strokes. Bag artwork, either provided by you or created by our design department, is transferred onto a 3-Dimensional mock-up. Once the overall bag design is approved by you, complete specifications are sent to our factory, where your bag is printed, sewn and photographs taken of the prototype. Our design team details the photo proofs, checking for any errors, and then you are sent the photos for final approval. After the go-ahead, the factory starts mass production. Your order is then shipped and delivered safely to your door.

Bag Specification Questions

Yes of course! This is what makes N'Take bags so great – EVERYTHING is customizable, from the artwork, size, color, special added features (such as pockets and zippers, handle sizes, inserts) and much more.”

Our high-quality material options are all durable and exceptionally environmentally-friendly.  You can also customize your bag to be a hybrid of two or more materials. N'Take offers: Polyfabric, OPP Film, Insulated, PET, Cotton, Jute and more.

A typical reusable bag will safely hold 25-30 lbs, while some of the best of our competitors’ reusable bags can hold 40 lbs.  N'Take bags, through judicious design, materials and production techniques, can safely support 50 lbs!  Show your customers that not only won’t you let them down, but your bags won’t either.  Contact us for a free quote on your reusable shopping bag today.

An industry-standard reusable bag typically will only last 2 years.  This is where the N'Take difference comes in – our bags last 5 years or more!  Not only do they last, but they will still look great!  The printed artwork is unspoiled, seams are holding together and the fabric remains completely intact.

Artwork Questions

In order of preference: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, EPS, PDF, JPEG (300 DPI at 100% scale). Fonts must be converted to curves or send packaged files containing the font files.

Spot Color: A process (usually silk screening) where individual, spot colors are printed on any panel. In general, the practical limit is about 6 colours per panel. A “free” color may be gained within any trapped area using the bag fabric colour. Important: Cannot do shades or gradients in silk screening.
CMYK: This process allows a full-colour, photographic-quality image to be printed. This is what is used on OPP Film bags but can also be used on a standard Polyfabric bag using Full-Color Transfer. This may be combined with silk-screening in order to print a complicated image (like a logo) within a larger, spot-color design.”
Full-Colour Roller Print: This is used for OPP film bags (either with woven or non-woven Polyfabric). Any continuous tone (CMYK) image may be printed using this technique.
Please Note: Even if the gussets and/or bottom have no logos, the background colour must still be specified.
Paper Heat Transfer: Used exclusively with PET bags. Can be used to print either spot colours or do full-colour CMYK printing. This technique is not as precise as Full-Colour Roller Printing, but it does preserve the soft, fabricy feel of the material.

No problem!  Our professional graphic design department is here to help you in this necessary first step for your custom resuable bag program.  Stunning custom designs, made exclusively for your company, will be created upon request.  To top it all off, we will also create 3D mock-ups to help you visualize what your final bag will look like.

Yes!  Many clients have specific Pantone colors embedded with their logo. When our factory prints your artwork they will send out photos with corresponding Pantone swatches to show the match.  This ensures color accuracy, as computer monitors tend to not display colors accurately.

Customization Questions

Yes of course! This is what makes N'Take bags so great - EVERYTHING is customizable, from the artwork, size, color, special added features (such as pockets and zippers, handle sizes, inserts) and much more.

Yes! You can customize the size of any style of bag.

Yes! We can add a hangtag in your specified size, printed in full color or one color.  Our graphic design department can design your tag with UPC codes, QR codes, your logo, website and more.