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CTC Challenge logo

CT Challenge

"We have used N’Take bags as the participant gift bags for our charity bike ride for four years.” "The bags are practical, sturdy and, we believe, appreciated by our participants because they are re-used for multiple purposes over the course of a year. That pleases us because the bags continue to promote our organization. The flexibility in design options makes it fun and challenging to change and improve the bag design. We get to make a new design statement each year." - Bob, CT Challenge 2013
Cumberland Council logo

City Council Cumberland

"N'Take provides an excellent quality product, versatile for everyday needs as well as for replacing flimsy plastic market bags. On top of the remarkable quality of products, N'Take is seriously focused on making Earth-friendly products. The world needs more Earth-conscious, "green" companies like N'Take!" - Brian K. Grim, Cumberland City Council Cumberland, MD

Extreme Kicks logo


“I wanted to say thank you for sponsoring our event. It was a huge success and your N’Take bags were great!!! They not only show that we care about making the world a better place to live in, it shows that Extremekicks also cares about being green. Together we can put your green products in people’s hands to continue green around the world. I look forward to continued partnership with N’Take." - Sandra Dee, Vice President of Extremekicks.com
Global Washington logo

Global Washington

"Global Washington thanks the exceptional customer service of Megan Bartlett and the entire N'Take staff. You worked so adeptly and within our tight time and budget constraints to produce a fabulous end product. Your willingness to go the extra mile to meet our needs made this an ideal partnership." ... and the fact that you utilized eco-friendly materials to create such a polished, professional looking bag was key as well. We are so excited to have participants to our first annual conference tote these around. Thanks again for all your help!" - Angela Dollar, Global Washington

Silver Oak logo

Silver Oak Cellars

"Thank you for the wonderful service received by Bob Lundgren and the entire N'Take team. Working on the volume and within the required time-frame really put our minds at ease. We were thrilled with how our bags turned out, and they made a great addition to our annual release event. Thank you again!" - Peter Schmitt, CMP at Silver Oak Cellars
Jacobi Wichita logo

Jacobi Wichita

"The N'Take Drawstring backpacks are a smash hit! The tough Polyfabric™ n, does a great job of holding up, while also having a stylish look that our fans are expecting to come from a band like Jacobi Wichita. N'Take also offers a great design team to make sure our logo comes out nothing less than crisp and professional. Fashionable and eco-friendly, put some swagger into this "Go Green" movement!" - Jacobi Wichita

Peak of the Market logo

Peak of the Market

"Your customer service is outstanding. In this day and age I find most companies are not very good at customer service, actually most are awful. I know we are a very small customer to you but you treated us great anyway. Congratulations to everybody involved at N'Take (formerly Pop Packaging). I can tell you that the two reasons we ordered from you are because the bags look great and you are very easy to deal with." - Larry, Peak of the Market
VPL -  Vancouver Public Library logo

Vancouver Public Library

"It has been Vancouver Public Library's pleasure to work with N'Take (formerly Pop Packaging) over the past two years as our book bag supplier. After looking at a number of potential suppliers for the VPL book bag, we chose N'Take for the combination of materials, color options, sound environmental and labor practices in the manufacturing, and favorable pricing. Working with the N'Take team has been a delight - your commitment to service is highly valued and appreciated.” - Lesli, Vancouver Public Library